You look at me
A silver bird with trailing plume of white
And I look down at you.
You toil below and till the fields,
You question, tend the young and bake the bread.
You love, you dream
And build the roads
To everywhere and back again. And I?
Today I skim the clouds and touching stars
I dream my dreams of destiny,
And kindling hope inside my heart with torch
Of silver fire
I weave my tapestry with silken strands
And lilies white.
And you? You will not know of it, and though
I shall descend
A circle stair my face will only be
A blur to you,
Unknown to you my earthbound quest, unknown
My fear, my pain.
And I shall never hear your voice, nor look
Within your heart.
Our haunted souls alone
To share the loss!

by Elizabeth Locke

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