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((( Solitare Rose)))

A Solitary Rose 'tis growing...
In a Garden filled to the full with weeds...
With velvet soft petals of 'deep' red...
Today, that red Rose simply bleeds;

'Tis not the thorns of her stems...
Nor the lack of mother nurture nor care...
Its more the torments O' time...eons...
That bleeds out the Rose in despair;

For their 'tis n'er a good outcome...!
For people who practice to do deliberate wrong...! !
Only hope for the flowers that give joy to the Earth...!
For 'tis to this Earthly sod that they truly belong;

June 7,2010

The Essence

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Comments (4)

Such a beautiful thought, so beautifully articulated, loved it..
A solitary rose that stands out just like a thistle amidst the thorns. Even a thing of beauty may withstand the test of time. The roots grows very deep into the earth where the Sun can't reach and burn it up. An inspiring write.
RoseAnn - thank you again dear! So glad that you liked this one. Your comments are always appreciated. Best regards, Theo
Theo, I really liked this poem a lot, it's so true. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn