Solitary Beauty

One God from nothing,
Once created everything.
One man and woman,
Loved, sinned and began,
On Earth; and by death,
Once they leaned the path,
And returned the abode,
They once lived and owed.
And the earth, that yet,
Holds the memory, doth wet
Her ancestor’s eyes,
With lull moans that lies,
Through age of loneliness,
As ignorance and darkness.
Yet the world pretends,
Hiding what God intends,
As real and destiny.
But forever agony,
Death and silence show,
This earth that we know,
Is but a place of woe,
Where silence is the Aloe
Awakes the bowel,
Of sleeping souls, dwell,
This land of ever dream.
In every heart a hymn,
Of loneliness lives,
The mother of all grieves.
Oh! Yet through my vein,
Runs the old Eden pain.
For beauty is solitary.
And solitary beauty.

by Mirza Beg

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