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Solitary Charm
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Solitary Charm

I am no less a little world than you.
I too have feelings.

There are times when I hear,
You care only to state your view.
There are times when I am sure I do, too.

In the humanness of my being,
There, right here, in my solitary soul.
Where the silence fills me,
On my own I may be, but alone, I am not.

Here where my sea is azure,
Where the seashells glisten,
The salty sea my delight,
My skin softens with innocent joy.

I am in rapture at nature’s splendour.
As I sit and delight in the beauty that surrounds me,
My inner chatter quietens,
It is here that I feel, for a moment, peace.

Through the passage of time I grace,
You are unknown, yet known.
Your intelligence, a glorious golden beauty,
I become the radiance of sunshine.

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