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Solitary Feelings
PMS (March 1st 1990 / )

Solitary Feelings

Poem By Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Where did the loving moment disappearing
In my restless heart incompatible feelings the wound
You place has awaken me through my sleepless hours
Within my solitary feelings where did the real passion
Pure love disappearing in a unseen air around us
Where did the heart attachment lose where did the passion gone
Of pure kiss has locked the lip pure love changed how it feels

You played a false love you played me too far
You fool me with lies your excuse never fool me apart
The pureness of my love you cheated my heart
You try to confess that your love was real and you repay me with betray
I never sacrificing my path of life for real love to get to you
I never think of my own happiness but you
I did sacrificing to be with you even in my risky path
I walk a raining fall and a dusty windy day even when
The sun refused to shin in daylight so grey

In my solitary love
In my heart you alive
In my soundless prayer
I always missing you much more
Till I let go and free my heart

I value you mostly I love you with all my heart
You repay replay me my heart and feelings
You drowning me deeper under your prisoner
You locked me with unfaithful love
I free my heartbeat

I never was so ever important I never was so ever much values to you
Like you are to me Till I forgot to think my own happiness
Your words make us distance I free my heartstrings
Caused I can’t coup half way through any longer
Caused I have enough of your fake love
In my solitary heartbeat I love you enough to let go

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