Poem Hunter
Solitary Journey
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Solitary Journey

Life changes direction -
Questions and challenges are our obstacles.
The importance of true friendship becomes clear.
The support and love of these few lifting you -
high enough to overcome those self doubts.
Encouraging and caring, not for personal gain,
only for wanting to see true personal happiness
for a cherished friend.
As we are all aware the path to our happiness -
sometimes feels very cold, dark, alone and never ending.
When one day there is a small glimpse of light
that shows us there is an end to this tunnel.
This is the beginning of finding the place in our lives -
only few are lucky enough to ever experience.
This place is for each of us an individual dream,
the dream of a life complete with happiness,
confidence, peace and love -
love that has no confinement, and no expectation -
real love felt so deeply - there will be no doubt -
we have reached the end of this journey.

4th May 2003

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