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Solitary Terror
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Solitary Terror

Poem By Fallen Too Far

as long as this is me
i will scream
that you do not own me
you are not to justify
this cry
that escapes my lips
this agony is mine
to spare
or breed
this chain is what holds me here
you cannot free me
this is my sacrifice to this
time that i have used
spent so carelessly wasted
like this i am undone
can the earth feel my body
stone cold beneath it's shell
this habit is mine
to have until screams break forth
from my tired body
this is my time
to release this sand that holds me
in the hourglass
i am forsaken
of all eternity
for my two seconds
to think on my own
this isolated sanctuary
is a crowded den of theives
snarling, screaming bitterly
to fly this cage of mine to
the Keeper of Hell
who will torment me no further than
i have done to myself
my rage inwardly directed
my cowardice brought around
by my own self
these tired fragments
release tears of my drowning soul
to give harmony to my dying day
that this battle is not mine
i am too frail to fight this loneliness
i am too undone
to pick myself back up
to even think
there is no more i can do
i am finished
please...spare me...

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