The time that I spend with others is valuable
The time spent with me..
in solitude...
is priceless...
It is a time for looking deeply into the person within.
He needs attention to grow.
It is a time for taking a look at the beauty around me.
God really puts on quite a show sometimes.
It is a time for reflecting on all that I have been given.
I am thankful for the person that is me.
It is a time for making sure that I have used my talents wisely.
Much is expected from those who have much.
It is a time that I spend giving back to myself.
All the day through I spend giving to others.
In solitude I can take the time to get a little of me back.

It's easy to forget that
In order to nurture others,
we must first nurture ourselves.
It's hard when so many ask so much.

In companionship, I nurture a bond.
It fills in the parts of me that I don't have.
It helps to complete me.
In solitude, I refill my resources.
It helps me regain my confidence.
It helps me rediscover my inner peace..
It helps me reach out to you.

Thank You for allowing me that time.
 February 1,1998 ©

by Walter Killeen

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We are thankful for the person that dwells within self. God grants life to us with great dignity. This is a very brilliant poem excellently penned.