The Chrysanthemum Rain



The Chrysanthemum Rain

The east fence got drunk
in the chrysanthemum rain
The west ridge chanted
the bamboo leaf wind
Drunkenly lied in the pines
invited moon drinking
By way of willow bank
accompanied spring walking

2/13/2018对联体 ● 七绝罗志海著译
Two Pairs of Couplets ● Seven Words of Quatrain by Luo Zhihai
The 5,298th Two Pairs of Couplets

by Luo Zhihai

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Lovely every line is executed is just fine..10+++++
I love the imagery. Well done. A beautiful poem...10+
A subject devoted to making life better through proper evaluation of circumstances before taking a decision. It is better to ponder over all pros and cons. Highly thought provoking. Thanks. the absence of the good brings on the bad quick conclusions will often lead the best of us astray,
Being spiritually alone is truly important for one to meditate, ponder and think of the things that happen everyday... A perfect 10.... You may visit my AN EVENING MEDITATION.. Thanks, John...
John, I have a strong feeling this would be much better if you created some vivid images to carry your message. Read some good contemporary poets like Philip Levine of Mary Oliver to be guidd and inspired. if you have time, check out my new website: Tell me how you like it. Thanks! Yrs, JC