Whether You 'Declare' That Heard, Read Or Not

The best opportunity humanity has,
To better strenghten communication...
As an unnatural devastation,
Approaches the Gulf, the East...
And eventually the Western coasts.
Is the one God sends.
That began by the feeding,
Creating a greed to satisfy the needs...
Of selfish, wealthy and gluttonous men.
For OIL.
That has always been in abundance.

If ignorance does not teach...
How the spreading of racist beliefs,
Can bring all of life to a frightening standstill.
Nothing so idiotic that man today has done ever will.

And actively praying on knees needs to cease.
With an urgent embracing of your fellowman...
Encouraged to physically increase.
Before the presence of this opportunity,
Forever disappears to have us all eternally sleep.
And, that's from my lips to your ears.
Whether you 'declare' THAT heard, read or not...
Will not alter my opinion nor its origin.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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''Be then thine own home, and in thyself dwell; Inn anywhere; continuance maketh hell. And seeing the snail which everywhere doth roam, Carrying his own house still, still is at home, Follow (for he is easy paced) this snail, Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail.'' - John Donne
A Philosopher said. You never really free, until you're alone. I think you'll agree, Do you? Getting rid of disagreeable people is a good start. I like it!
Away from the odds! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.