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I dread being alone
To turn into stone
brick by brick
bone by bone

Many a sin for me to atone
But surely this is the worst tone
When ones thoughts run wild
And one is again but a child?

In days of yore
It was never a bore
My lonely times I would cherish evermore
But nevermore, nevermore.

Now there is loneliness in a crowd
Like being dressed in a shroud
Being alone in a noisy room
Can often fill you with gloom

I dread not knowing someone
Or ever meeting that special one
When two minds blend into one
Where there is entry for none

Someone for you to hug
Shake their head and shrug
Flick away that green eyed bug
And laze together on the rug

Not for every one is solitude
Not for the common multitude
That requires serious attitude
Not for you dude, not for you

For when often on my coach I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood
I can assure you
There is no bliss in solitude

by Mr H Seeking

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