Solitude Is My Palace

Solitude is my palace;
It's where I find true peace.
When men intrude with malice,
My wits become police.

by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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Words of wisdom, a nice message.
''One hath said, 'As oft as I have gone among men, so oft have I returned less a man.' This is what we often experience when we have been long time in conversation. For it is easier to be altogether silent than it is not to exceed in word. It is easier to remain hidden at home than to keep sufficient guard upon thyself out of doors.'' - Thomas Kempis, 'Of the Love of Solitude and Silence'
The brevity is the hallmark of your poetry. Nicely articulated and presented. Thanks.
Solitude! ! Facing the ways of life around you. Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful writing Joshua Thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken