I wish I could fly
Watching the wind evolve whirls of dust into
Dunes of fine ash yielded from the earth
We play with their tropic grains
As we kick the ground

People gaze at falling leaves,
They're beautiful in Autumn
A yellow and amber wash of snowflakes
Twinkle from the lucid figures of trees
Hesitant in desire
But content in belief
Mother nature can call
Their optimum cycle again

There is a leaf I stroll pass
And it catches my eye
Through the yards I'd been trekking
The gaunt contrived "happiness"
People plaster to their faces
As they walk pass me,
They look back,
And for a moment we share
The hurt of the noose tightening
The hacked democracy that beckons
We bite the hook

I see a leaf, obscure from the others
Floating and flying
My excited belief in how hope
Can't be dying
The crossing before me
Enticing as individuals
Halt their motors
For me to depart
Their faces redemptive
From their battle with times keeper

The green wing flutters
In the sarky enveloped air
Crisp and
As you inhaled its ominous character
Acceptance shallow, in our
Misty delusions

I wish I could fly like a leaf
Seek liberty with the
Atmosphere which sculpts us
Tune the knowing backbone
Etched in such
Insignificant yet special creatures
Such as ourselves

I wish I could fly like that leaf
And just for a second
A split second,
I did not look back on enforced
Features of joy
On wearing smiles
Only too return the
Obligatory act
I looked back on that flying leaf
And just for a moment
I flew with it.

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Comments (7)

When you are alone, you can come to no harm. A wonderful poem dear Joshua.
Another powerful expression, Joshua.........
Words of wisdom, a nice message.
''One hath said, 'As oft as I have gone among men, so oft have I returned less a man.' This is what we often experience when we have been long time in conversation. For it is easier to be altogether silent than it is not to exceed in word. It is easier to remain hidden at home than to keep sufficient guard upon thyself out of doors.'' - Thomas Kempis, 'Of the Love of Solitude and Silence'
The brevity is the hallmark of your poetry. Nicely articulated and presented. Thanks.
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