Solitude (Tanhaaee)by Caroline Caddy In Hindi/Urdu Transltion

Poem By Ravi Kopra


Isay vo apnay saath le kar chaltay hain
- khoj karnay waalay, raat k jahaazi -
ek acHi doorbeen ki tarah
ya kisi camera k case ki tarah
jis ka har hissa khaas hota hai.

Is k oopar bhooray se rung ki
jung ki ek teh rehti hai
jo juzb karti hai aur aks bhi daalti hai
kisi keemti auzaar ki tarah
jisay tum dastkhat kar k laitay ho
- apnay aap k saath thekha lainay par-
aur safar k akhri waqt par
apnay paas rukh laitay ho.

Kabhiye bahut door hoti hai
aur kabhi itnay paas k tum sochtay ho
k aadmi jotumharay paas baith hai
apna cup utha raha hai, fir neechay rakh raha hai
ya vo cup nahin hai koi kitaab doosri bhasha ki hai
fir ek dum tumhari samaj main aata hai
-jab baat cheetkisi aur k mez par
baazoo jhukaaey moD le leti hai -
k tum ko kya arpan kiya jaa raha hai.

- - -


It's something they carry with them
- explorersnight shiftsseamen -
like a good pair of binoculars
or a camera case
perfectly and deeply compartmented.
It has a quiet patina
that both absorbs and reflects
like a valuable instrument
you have to sign for
- contract with alone -
and at the end of the voyage
you get to keep.
Sometimes it's very far away.
Sometimes so close
at first you think the person next to you
is picking upputting down
a personal cup
a book in another language
before you realise what
- when talk has moved off
leaning its arms
on someone else's table -
is being
handed to you.

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