Solo River Adventurer

Grey day
My man's asleep
Kids don't wanna play
It's time I explored
This new place
Instead of being bored
The river beckons
Kind lady rents me a kayak
It's very safe, she reckons
So off I paddle
In my bright yellow duck
Or should I say waddle?
Wide river and calm
Heading away from the sea
Could lead me to no harm
Stretching ahead of me
Under a bridge, and another
I paddle effortlessly
Poplar trees on either side
Their leaves twitching in the breeze
I'm enjoying this ride
Wonder what's around the next bend?
Rocky hills in the mist
I don't want this adventure to end
I've left behind the noises
Of the sea and cars
And human voices
The quiet river tapers
Trees make way for reeds
It's another of my solo capers
Just Quack and Paddle and me
In this watery wilderness
That unexpectedly
Becomes one solid green
A carpet on water
Like none I've ever seen
Can I still proceed?
Is it possible
To paddle through this weed?
Looks like bean sprouts
Or floating lentil soup
I'm beginning to have doubts
About my sanity
Of being Ace Ventura Feminina
So far from humanity
But Quack slips through
The green muck
Which wrinkles like thick stew
But closes up behind
I'm looking at the shapes in it
And wondering what I might find
What's that rounded hump
To my left?
Could it be a hippo's rump?
To my right
I see another form
That fills me with fright
Looks like a crocodile's eyes
Sizing me up
As its dinner surprise
But they're not, of course,
Though I jump when I hear
A splash - its source?
A little frog playing
Hop, hop, splash
It's jumping on the green
Till it gives way under its feet
I laugh at my jitteriness
And paddle on non-chalante
Through the marshiness
Oh no! Water in my boat!
I'm sinking!
How can I stay afloat?
Then I recall
That holes are part of the design
And not a problem at all
But hark!
Something long and thin
Moves and leaves its mark
My worst fear!
Must be a...
No, dear,
It's just a stick
That you disturbed
But I paddle quick
Should I press on?
The reeds are really thick
I'm under the impression
That I'm being swallowed
Alive by leafy fingers
Or am I being followed?
I have to duck
Beneath the branches
And pull and pluck
Them out of my way
I think it's time
I called it a day
Enough adventure!
This is foolish!
I'm not even sure
I'll be able to get back
With difficulty I turn
Around my yellow kayak
And then...(Just reverse
What I described)
Except it gets even worse!
I paddle against
A very strong wind
Blowing me backwards!
Until I remember
From the smidget of sailing
I did with my brother
Something called 'tacking'
So I paddle this way and that
Zigging and zagging
Until at last I can see
A marvellous sight
- the bridges, beach and sea!
Ace Aventura Feminina
You've made it!
You're a river kayak winner!

by Laurie Van der Hart

Comments (2)

Absolutely Wonderful! ! ! ! ! Awesome Thrill! ! ! ! ! Hung Onto Each Line! ! ! ! ! ! Sounds Like An Amazing Time! ! ! ! ! Ever So Beautifully Done! ! ! ! ! Thank You Ever So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! Ever So Many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! +++++
Very nice little narrative. I like the way the tone gently shifts giving the reader some urgency to want to know what happens next and how it all will end. It's all very straight-forward but nicely paced and finely balanced between outward and inward perception. Charming.