Solok Air Batu

Kampong so loved
A gift from above
Solok Air Batu
An open Igloo
The night is chilling
The day so breezing
When the sun rises
The village blesses
We would not leave
In you we believe
The place to roam
We call home

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (10)

A creative and compelling composition that is nostalgic and nice!
How great to write such a nice poem about your hometown. I feel very good about my hometown; the people I personally know and the atmosphere so long as there are no politicians anywhere within sight or sound. It's the politicians of every nation who create the problems and the animosities humanity experiences between them. I would love to exchange ideas about how you approach writing a poem; like do you place the end words first and write into them, keeping your theme in mind? (I have done that) Your rhyming is very good. I enjoyed your poem; its theme and the way you wrote it, too.
That special place...made by people.
This poem is a snappy, delightful jaunt down the road to your home town. Certainly, you have painted a captivating and endearing image, and our only regret is that the journey is not longer. Well done, good poet! :)
Wow! nice poem, thank you, you comment on my poems, please
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