Solve My Scientific Love!

'Brackets of love are
Hanging like unsolved mathematical
Questions and my eyes years for your presence
Like reflected image in transformations,
I hear clicks of my heart singing
Joy of our only passions
Solve my scientific love,

Listen to me with your adorable
Ears that recalls the covalent bond of H2O in chemistrical chemical and ironical equations,
Speak to me with your soft voice akin to that fizzy sound made by sodium when it wondrously floats on water,
Simply scientifically be my photosynthesis
The love of my life
Solve my scientific love,

Love me like halogens and their salt formation
Character, test my love like harder inequalities
Solved by students under shades of many trees
And kiss me with your lips coated with honey of bees,
My angel just emotionally make me to say geeze
Be my scientific lover,

Solve my scientific love,
Let our love be directly proportional to happiness like enzyme activity and temperature
In Biological chemical reactions,

Just whisper to me words of courage and make me the most reactive like group one (1) metals,
Be a catalyst to our bond like the transition metals with enchantment of straight paths like graphs of inequalities,
Just be my scientific lover,

Become my methylated spirit obtained from organic Chemistry reactions when I'M wounded,
Let me know when we are ironically, emotionally
And Chemistically bonded, pour your love in my
Heart like warmth conducted in Thermal Physics, just be my heart's basics
And guide my love path with your geological techniques
I have more to say but first solve my love scientifically,

Damsel let's be straight like a linear equation which reads like tn = an + b,
Listen to me and make our love ideas parallel like the parallel vectors in Mathematics,
Be my scientific lover,

Let's be happy with grins on our faces and make Our love smell sweet like and ester formed by the process Esterification,
Let me be your passion when my diction lingers in phrases of my fiction introduction and persuasion drawn by section of my love motion
Be my love tuition like moons and stars if earth's
Tension and competition to shine roots of my
Only nation, our nation, the passion of our love tradition,
Solve my scientific love,

From both sides my love hangs on you like
Gravitational and Kinetic energy, increase the
Distance and let my Gravitational Energy to make my love on you escalate, reduce the
Distance between our lonely hearts and let my
Kinetic energy make you explore love facts
Within my heart chambers,
Solve my scientific love oh dear love.'

by Alvin Word Speaker Tatlhego

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A nice poetic imagination, Alvin. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks