Somber Melody

Listen to the angels weep,
Watch the shadows wrap around your face
Taste my kiss and tell me,
And tell me if heaven tastes as sweet;

My image of you, I will forever keep,
Yet, no one will ever know the special place,
In my heart which you exist and no one can see,
Just how beautiful heaven can be when we're complete;

I watch you sway your wings in the breeze,
And admire how your smile lights up the evening's sky,
Even in my darkest moment you are my star,
And I will forever reflect my soul upon yours;

When we are separated I watch the roaring seas,
Tasting the salty air, while my irritated eyes begin to cry,
As I reach my hand into the mist above, but yet you are too far,
To reach down and pull me above the mortal shores;

Lonely as life is, you are the reason I exist,
Without sin, I carry on, hoping to meet you in eternity someday,
But just to know you exist, is reason enough for my heart,
To wait for my time to unite with you in the great beyond;

When my time comes to vanish into the cloudy mist,
I hope you hold my hand when it is my time to go away,
But be forewarned that once you hold me, I'll make sure we never part,
And when the waters split, may we stand in the middle with an immortal bond.

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