Sombre Realisation

There are no dramatics,
No supreme elation,
Life slowly crumbles,
With endless degradation,

Never more than you can take,
Nothing with the power to crush you,
Just chipping away until you break,
While everyone rallies around you,

People enjoy it,
They rely on your woes,
They need to make a big deal,
Just to keep them on their toes,

Life is revolution,
A never ending chain,
Over lifetimes we see evolution,
The only constant is the pain,

It will bully you, it will treat you unkind,
Life at its core is peristalsis of the mind,
Your brain keeps you soldiering on even if you feel all hope is lost,
And people will insist you fight,
No matter what the cost.

Throughout your life you ponder regret,
Like you should have done it better,
But given the chance to do it again,
You would trace it to the letter,

You should never feel that you made a wrong choice, Like somehow you're to blame,
We are built to make our own mistakes,
And we will make them all the same,

We create our own catastrophe in a view to help us strive,
But if we didn't wax and wane would we ever feel alive?

by Sean Toland

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