Cinema Calendar Of The Abstract Heart - 09

the fibres give in to your starry warmth
a lamp is called green and sees
carefully stepping into a season of fever
the wind has swept the rivers' magic
and i've perforated the nerve
by the clear frozen lake
has snapped the sabre
but the dance round terrace tables
shuts in the shock of the marble shudder
new sober

by Tristan Tzara

Comments (2)

I first read an excerpt from this poem in Elliot Perlman's (excellent) Seven Types of Ambiguity. The lines 'And who knows, / the woman you love may stop loving you. / Don't say it's no big thing: / it's like the snapping of a green branch / to the man inside' haunts me endlessly, especially the last two lines.
Intersting read and well written. Nice flow to it and I loked the last line. Kind regards Gyp's