I Bless You, Forests

I bless you, forests, valleys, fields, mountains, waters,
I bless freedom and blue skies.

I bless my staff and my humble rags.
And the steppe from beginning to end,
And the sun's light, and night's darkness,

And the path I walk, pauper that I am,
And, in the field every blade of grass,
and every star in the sky!

O! if only I could encompass all life,
And join my soul with yours.
O! if only I could embrace you all,
Enemies, friends and brothers, and all nature,
And enfold all nature in my arms!

by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy

Comments (4)

What words! And such fabulous vivid imagery! Truly a master poet!
And in the depth of the great water like the circle of the earth is the giant anaconda covered with ceremonial paint, devouring and religous.
this poem is incomplete... it should finish up: Badgers are scrabbling the banks of the river, sniffing at a nest full of living delicacies which they will attack with red teeth. And in the depth of the great water
his eyeballs, a jungle of alcohol, burn in his head. the above line is really imaginative. great words. great comparison.