YK (18-10-1993 / Leeds)

Some Day Soon

Some day soon, some day soon,
Some day soon,
I will forget about you,
And all you did,
And all you said,
And all the pain u caused me,
I’ll soon forget,
Some day soon,

It was a Friday night,
And everything was going all right,
Until you showed up at my door,
And scarred my heart once more,
You brought up the past,
And said we should have been able to last
But guess what, you’ve never been more wrong,
You and I don’t belong,

I saw you just yesterday,
And I couldn’t think of what to say,
You were with your new girl friend,
Laughing and smiling like your love would never end,
But I only know to well,
That when there’s some one else she’ll go through hell,
And them you will leave,
And she, for you will grieve,
She will be left to forget about you,
Some day soon,

by Yasmin Khodaie

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