BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)

Some Days...

All I want to do is roll over
recover my head
bury myself beneath the sheets
block out the light
forget the day has arrived
and pretend there is nothing.

I want to slip into the depths of darkness
dream of sweeter times
of happy days
of peaceful rivvers
and let scented winds blow the troubles
from my soul.

Why is it that these moments tug so at my heart?
Why must we face the painful reality
over, and over again
revisiting old wounds
which never seem to heal?

They scab over
they hide from view
but give another day
another year
and I often find myself
staring back into the abysmal reflections
once more with little changed.

So... once again
by the bootstraps...
I will pull myself into the storm
I will throw off the covers
I will step into the blinding coldness
into the oft repeated battle.

I choose to face the storm
I refuse the temptation to ignore the strain.
Meeting, head on, the vacant monster
as its head is reared once more
until the apparition is sent once more
into temporary oblivion...
and pray...

That, this time,
the respite will last longer
that we will once again find peace
in love's embrace

copyright 2009

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