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Some Fairytale
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Some Fairytale

When I look at you
Hidden loneliness in your eyes
Smudges of paint littering your hands
I begin to realise why I’m in love
A person who’s just like me
With the world lying heavily upon their shoulders

Time passes us by as I stand and stare up
You aren’t looking at me though
And that’s the way it’s meant to be
Always standing in line for the unrequited
Don’t you find it sad?
How we were doomed from the start

Please look up and notice how beautiful life is
The sky morphs into a sea of tumbling light
And the sun is bleeding though the clouds
Under this Picasso streaked scene
You whisk me away somewhere
Somewhere far far away

Speaking of fairytales maybe we can meet one day
And I’ll tell you who I am because I already know you
With you’re little rebellious smile
A patron of individuality
The way you flick your hair
Is mesmerising to me

Suddenly you are staring back intently
Yet I don’t think you can see
I’ll reveal myself one day
And we’ll finally be introduced

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*appluase* Well done Tashy, much better than the older stuff you've posted!