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To Live Alone Is Best
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

To Live Alone Is Best

Poem By Joshua Aaron Guillory

You tell me to be myself and not nobody else
Then I try to be myself but then you kick me on the ground
Saying things about me behind my back leaving me in tears
You completely misunderstand me
You don't even know me like you say you do
I'm not gonna fight back thats not who I am
You were suppose to be my friend
And catch me when I fall but
All you care about is yourself
Some friend your suppose to be
I was completely dying right in front of you
But I was just invisible to you
I guess I just hate that cause I'm friendless hope you know
You stabbed me in the back
Talked about me in the same room as me
Cause you didn't think I was listening
Thanks for acting like you cared and just to let you know
I almost died this summer from all the pain that people has caused
And you were one of those people
So thanks so much for not being a true friend

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