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Some Gay Moments
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Some Gay Moments

Poem By Mehul Singh

Now as its time to go
lets go over the things
which i always wanted
people to know

though it may seem
that you know me
but you just saw one of the sides
or the disguise i was in

it aint as bad as it seems
everybody knows me a bit
no-one i believe knows me
as thats the way i intended it to be

I've always been alone
and im afraid of change
so the toys i had picked up
i always have to exchange

so as we say goodbye once again
and as we go our ways
pictures of the past zoom by
maybe it happens always

maybe this time it was different
so i wrote about it
so if u find this offensive
i want you to know this

the only thing common impression
i made on all others
was what of infinite stupidity
and me come together

so no offences were meant
and there's no reason for not taking any
its just my way of saying goodbye
and will remain crazy.

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