EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Some Girl I Know

She said he told her that he loves her,
so many times that she lost the count to.
And she thinks that also he told her,
that she was the only one he belongs to.
And she lost the count to the times,
when he told her he doesn't know what he want.
And he feels like he's lost between the ryhmes,
of her poems, he can't understand and he won't.
And if she ever knew the purpose of her life,
he'd love if she told him the purpose of his one day.
He can't be unfair to her, sharing her life,
after he had each minute and second and every day.
And he even told her once, why to fear?
this time isn't like any other time but real.
He made her cry and forgot to wipe the tear,
she tried but never knew how he used to feel.
Is it because they were young back then,
he felt like there is some thing better out there?
But she know that since he came in,
he should've loved her or even pretended to care.
And even the reason for goodbye,
that she awaited every day she knew nothing of.
She never knew to be happy or cry,
but she knew, it wasn't love,
it couldn't have been love...
Those songs he made her listen to,
and those times he used to sing.
All those days are through,
but still she can't forget any thing.
She must forget,
or wait for that kid to grow.
But she regret,
and that's the story of a girl i know.

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