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Some Good Came Out Of Mom's Illness
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Some Good Came Out Of Mom's Illness

Home from the hospital Mom is now.
Some good came out of it anyhow.
She's still very weak you see,
and still needs me to take care of thee.

So I'm still here taking care of her
These two weeks have been a blur.
But it came time to pickup my son from college.
I wouldn't leave her alone I pledged.

My daughter happened to have no school that day.
So she came out the night before to stay.
This is were the good begins.
We shared a few laughter and grins.

Your probably thinking what's the big deal about that.
Sharing a night of laughter and chat.
Well...for all the Mom's out there with a girl teenager.
I would like to place a little wager.

As they get older and more independent.
The less of you they are dependent.
Which is what we want them to be.
But I bet...Like me...
You miss those little sit down talks for free.

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