Some Guy

He is some guy
He lives across the street
No! He lives down the road
Few blocks along the street
Some yards far from the end
Some things about him are quite strange
He is, although, handsome, yet appears wild
When in sight, he strikes fear
He is every woman’s dream
But none wants to touch even with a long pole
They are afraid to go close
Like a very dark night
In the day they keep their distant
Everything about him is scary
Even the guys do not want him again
He was once a friend to all
He used to be everyone’s darling
Till that unfortunate day
That fateful day that changed everything
The incident that caused it
The accident that brought it
Everything changed all of a sudden
He has blood on his hands
The fight with his best friend
The blow he gave that led to the kill
Since he returned from the jails
He has become some guy!

© 2015

by G. Akanji Olaniyi

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