ND (october 30,1989 / )

Some Have Yet To Live

Some have yet begun to live
Some yet begun to see
What lies upon the road
For you and me to be
Yet we see past all the words
And look past all the lies
And stare blindly in the shadows
Of our ever quieting minds

Still with life upon the stool
And the world upon the table
We shall come and see the beauty
Of the work done in the stables

The people who know how hard life is
And what a struggle it always is
To try to get enough money
Just so their kids can live

The people who work all day for money
And never see a dime
Of act like their life is great
And everything is fine

To the people who know the feeling
When someone who stabs you in the back
Or the feeling that you get when the one you care about
Is never coming back

To the soldiers that are fighting
So that America is free and safe
And fighting for the lives
That the terrorists had to take

To the person in your life
That makes you want to live
To see their face forever
Laying on top your skin

To those who helped on the way
And all of those to come
To your one and only
Always show them that you care
For maybe when you wake tomorrow
Them may not be there.

by nicole Davis

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