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Some Just Don't Have A Clue

Some Just Don't Have A Clue
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Saturday, February 25,2012,8: 44 PM

Some can't face it so they fight it
Some can't get over it so they get under it
Some can't stand in front of it so they stand behind it
Some can't stand next to it so they have to stand obliquely by it

Some can't understand it so they dismiss it
Some can't feel it so they can't vibe to it
Some want it but just can't have it
Some have it but just don't want it

Some are in disbelief so they are frightened by it
Some are in amazement and want to be a part of it
Some are captivated and embrace it
Some get high by it yet not understand the message of it

Some are freed by it for their mind has been enslaved
Some can empathize with its movements
Some are disillusioned and find redemption in it
Some find a greater understanding of it

Some try it and find they like it
Some hate it for they didn't create it
Some mimic it but can't feel it
Some worship it and then curse it

Some have to nurse it
Some have to rehearse it
Some are spoiled by it
Some take advantage of it

Some jumped on the bandwagon on it
Some fall off the wagon on it
Some just can't play the game of it
Some abandon it after reaching the fame of it

Some find hope in it
Some find joy in it
Some find love in it
Some find their dance in it

Some want to tune in and tune out by it
Some find their religion in it
Some find peace in it
Some find what they have been looking for in it

Some find themselves
Some lose themselves
Some regain themselves
Some just don't have a clue

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I really loved this piece, , great work..