AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Some Kind Of Sign

My burning eyes are like the sun
Piercing through vigilance on the run
My searing skin soothes no one
It denies desire before it’s begun
My heart is like a dead flower
Lying dry and withered with no power
To persuade you to stay
But we place too much baggage in the way
My soul feels like a faded rainbow
All the colors washed out without glow
So I stand on treaded waters so dark still
Fighting the current in a river with no skill
I knew it would be hard to let go
Then again you and I both know
Our love affair was a mountain we have yet to climb
And it would never be a victimless crime
And though I’m a veteran of heartaches
Memories of you are melting like snowflakes
As we drown in a whirlpool of sin
Do I regret the day you pulled me in?
What is left but a fractured reflection of our lies?
And that makes every moment with you a stolen prize
So it must have been some kind of sign
And we just didn’t have the spine
To capture something so divine

by Alfred Ramos

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