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Some Of Those

Some of those with important portfolios in the Government lacking in compassion and to me that seems a shame
Basking in the glory of power all they crave is their own fame
They only serve themselves and their families and wealthy mates and to hell with all of the rest
Though they tell us that for the Country they are doing their outmost best.

Refugees in detention centres though not found guilty of any crime
Many whose application for residency are unsuccessful before deportation must serve time
In holding pens unfit for common criminals what is done to them is wrong
They are Stateless and poor people and to nowhere they belong.

Sinned against though good and decent people and would you not agree
That 'tis not a crime to want a better life for yourself and for your family
Our Government supports those who bomb their Countries yet residency to them we will not give
Though they fled their Homeland in fear and they have nowhere to live.

Some of those with portfolios in the Government for themselves and their own only care
And by supporting those who create wars they cause death, suffering and despair
To poor people in big cities we only add to their misery
When we punish them for coming south and applying for shelter and residency

For to appease the redneck voters the Government jail and deport refugees
people they helped for to make Homeless and Stateless in war torn Countries overseas
We help for to render them Homeless and Stateless and make their Country an unsafe place in which to live
But when they come to us for shelter a home to them we will not give.

by Francis Duggan

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