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Some Of You Poets

Some of you poets 'twould seem to me that you write for yourselves only
You ignore the bigger World out there and the plight of the poor and lonely
The Me, Myself and I 'twould seem to you are all that matter
Whilst thousands of hunger die each day and the rich grow sleek and fatter.

Your gentle poems of undying love to many seem appealing
As you tell the secrets of your hearts and of your deepest feelings
Yet in the bigger World out there the poor growing weak and thinner
'Tis been some while since most of them have eaten a good dinner.

About the Me, Myself and I you do write with a passion
In your prose like verse the in thing now since rhyme seems out of fashion
Your parents and your lovers and your sisters and your brothers
With yourselves are all that matter at the exclusion of others.

Some poets do not seem to realize that in the World there is much sorrow
That for many people young and old there will not be a tomorrow
Their lives will end in bombing raids yet they scarce will rate a mention
Whilst you refine your precious words and compete for attention

Some of you poets 'twould seem to me self centred and attention seeking
With self I feel you are absorbed and of self you write and keep on speaking
There is a bigger World out there where some grow sleek and fatter
And many of malnutrition die but to you those things don't matter.

by Francis Duggan

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