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Some "One" Special
GAG Glen A. Geer ( / North Fort Myers, Florida)

Some "One" Special

Extinguishes the twinkling of a sailors guide.
Promises of a brilliant, warm day as birds
Begin stretching wings; the sky changes from
Midnight blue to bright yellow, then baby blue.
Rustling in the trees above;
Squirrels begin chasing each other.
The last star diminishes in light;
I say this to no-one, just myself:
"Star-light, star-bright, last star I see tonight.
I hope what I say, I say it right.
My darling, as you read the word I say to you,
Remember that I am but a SIMPLE person,
Just HUMAN!"

I ONLY have ME TO offer;
I AM...

But a simple person,
Not having much to offer but ME
Three inhabitants are within MY heart
In constant control of EACH thing I SAY and DO.
Are able to control the other inhabitants of MY heart.
I LISTEN, not just with my EARS,
But with MY EYES, as well.
For MY partners to effectively perform THEIR mission,
I MUST "listen" to the surrounding environment -
The WAY the words are said, the 'body English" involved.
UNDERSTANDING must receive all this information
Before the "true" intent of what is said can be absorbed.
COMPREHENSION must receive ALL this information from LISTENING,
So HE is properly capable of controlling the many distant
Relatives of MY "moving inhabitants".
These distant relatives I call "MOVERS".
These "MOVERS" make what I have to offer YOU - ME,
BUT A "SIMPLE" person.

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Hi, Dad - I don't know if you still come to this website, but, I Googled your name and came across your poem. I hope all is well with you. I would like to see you one of these days. Or if anyone sees this message and knows how to get in touch with Glen, please email me at julo75@gmail.com Thank you! : o)