Some People

Some people never leave your heart
Although they leave your door -
They linger in the loving part
And touch you to the core;

You only have to reach inside
To find their spirit's light -
For deep within they still abide
Although they're out of sight;

Don't cry for kisses never tasted
Treasure those you've had -
Time spent in love is never wasted
Cherish and be glad;

For loved ones gone are still a part
Of everything we do -
They leave their memories in our heart
And touch our spirits, too.

by Linda Ori

Comments (9)

Beautiful sentiment in this one...lovely smooth flow as well. Nicely done Linda! Hugs. Dee
Ten for structure, ten for the expert rhyme and ten for the sentiment. Well I guess I owe you thirty, but even using Reece Kay's vote the best I can do is 20. Danny; ¬)
Linda, I loved your poem. I can identify so well with your words. Like some people, your poem lingered with me. Thank you. Zen
Linda beautifully written.....and so true......thank you for this.... Love, D.
Linda, I loved this poem. You will never know just how right you are with this one. It is so beautifully written. I'm adding this to my favourites. Thank you so much for sharing this my friend. David
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