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Like A Song
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Like A Song


For whatever the reason people perceive,
They may 'know' of someone...
From a conversation had,
Or that person being approachable...
Without giving a hint of self importance,
To those quick to receive accessibility...
Yet still those same believe they know,
How that person lives with feelings deep.

But not one...
If any,
Coukld of them can spell or pronounce,
Correctly to admit or confess...
How it is to properly address who it is,
They claim to know so well...
To spell their name incorrectly.
Nor know a thing about their siblings.
What it is they most enjoy.
Or when invited inside where that person dwells,
To first assess it as if to inpect it.
With a giving of a disrespect everyone gets,
In environments where the doing of this is expected.

Some people exist to be impressed.
While others less concerned about that,
Are not the bit interested in protecting a superficiality...
Many have embedded in their deluded mindsets,
With the best of falsely kept representations...
That never updates a charading of their masquerades.

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