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Some People Have A Sad Story To Tell

Some people have a sad story to tell
I know this woman she has been through hell
Her war torn Homeland she was forced to flee
And she arrived on these shores as a boat refugee.

On her next birthday she will be twenty two
And already in life great traumas she has been through
Raped by war lords who stripped her of her virginity
Of her many bad experiences her worst memory.

In Woomera detention centre she almost spent two years
And at memories of her past she is always close to tears
For she is one who has had to live with fear
And the guns of war she fancy she still hear.

A gentle soul and one with a kind heart
In this great Land she can make a new start
And though her old Homeland she never more may see
At least of fear of torture she can now live free.

Our cicumstance of birth is beyond our control
I know this beautiful young woman she is a good soul
But she was born in the wrong place and at the wrong time
And she has been victim of a heinous crime.

by Francis Duggan

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