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Some People Have This Thing About

Some people have this thing about all migrants what brought them to this Land in the first place
Though they themselves too descended from migrants their forebearers were of a migrant race
Their forebearers dispossessed the Native People their history they do not know or understand
They don't seem to realize that they have strong ties to another race and to another Land.

Some people have this thing about refugees poor Stateless people from Lands far away
The cheek of them to arrive here uninvited how come in their own Land they did not stay
But they don't realize our Government helped to make them Stateless by supporting those who on them declared war
Fear for their safety made them flee their Country and from their war ravaged Cities they move far.

Some people have this thing about homosexual people they use words here for them I won't repeat
Their only crime is to be born different and about their sexual preference they must be discreet
To protect themselves from the judgements of the ignorant they at all times must insure their privacy
And they tell us that we live in a Free Country though it does not appear that way to me.

Some people do not trust those who are different and on those different negative things from them one only hear
And ignorance 'twould seem is bliss to their kind and difference is the only thing they fear
They lack in empathy and undestanding and compassion and in their small ways they are very small
They believe in a fair go for people like themselves but they won't hear of a fair go for all.

by Francis Duggan

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