MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Some Poems Have A Vast Interior

Some poems have a vast interior;
a deep, wild, impenetrable up-country,
traversed as in some dream
so long, no-one can say
how long; before
they meet the shore of love,
merge into that sparkling sea
from which, humanity;

how far has that so wild-eyed poet walked
to find the sea?

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Comments (2)

some poems, indeed, have a vast interior, including this one. How far the poet has walked to find that sea is always an interesting question.
That is touching, 'How far has that wild-eyed poet walked to find the sea' - rather than the sea surrounding the poet, found. I liked the 'SEA' very much into this poem, as a connection to love, inspiration to reach. Thanks!