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Some Prefer Their Pain On The Rocks
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Some Prefer Their Pain On The Rocks

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Since truth today has been reduced,
To the equivalent of myth...
So many have lived lives convinced,
Without truth life to live...
For them makes little difference.

Corruption as an option provides benefits.
As has been kept to believe
Even though the failure of this revealed,
Can keep corruption concealed.
To allow ignorance to exist does not appeal.

Too many who have slept,
To let others take the wheel...
Have awakened too late,
To find cemented walls await.
With a speeding towards them 'and' no escape.

'Why have they ignored the detours? '

~Who knows?
Some prefer their pain on the rocks.
While others can not seem to stop,
Their addictions to delusions.~

'Here comes another one giving us the 'finger'.
What should we do,
With the abundance of morphine...
Here to inject to those in need of its use.'

~Someone eventually has to need it,
To heal from the effects of pain.
What a waste it would be to have life and know death,
To not appreciate any reality in between.
With a slow healing to comprehend or value its meaning.~

'And the ones now on 'weed' have no need for the morphine.'

Not yet!
Those making decisions,
Are not going to let this dope go to waste.
I'm sure new dilemmas are being created.~

'That's a relief.
At least, for us, there will always be jobs.
Here's another 'finger'.'

Just smile.
Give them something to remember,
Before they hit the wall.
Just think...
If you prevented them from doing it,
How then will you get paid?
I've learned this...
Assisting those who survive their ignorance,
Is a lot less stressful than insisting...
People should pay attention.~

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