# Some Relationships Defy Explanation

Poem By Mamta Agarwal

As I espy the moon peep from the palm fronds,
I can’t help but feel glad and with joy respond.
I remember, since the time I was just a little kid,
The sight of the full moon used to make me limpid.

It casts a spell and I just spellbound, stare and halt.
My heart kind of leaps and does a somersault.
In the Zen like stillness of the early winter night,
I just find myself gaze at its face silvery bright.

Whenever I visited my granny, she used to regale
Us, as we lay on her lap, with so many magical tales.
One was about an old woman spinning a wheel,
On the moon, oh, how wonderstruck I used to feel.

Although, science has tried to demystify
Yet, I somehow, still continue to identify
With it, and my sense of elation and relation
honestly, I admit defies any kind of explanation…

Comments about # Some Relationships Defy Explanation

i relived my share of grandma's stories...thnq!
All most all Indian poets from Great Kalidasa to contemporary poets were enchanted by Moon. Our scriptures, Itihaasaas say Moon is a Planetary God and we have Vedic mantras to pray Him. Your beautiful poem continues this saga.......

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