KH (march 6,1990 / )

Some Statistic

i don't want to be some statistic
some teen who wants to die
who chooses to kill herself
when she can't deal with the world around her
life is too hard for her
it has fallen short
and her dreams faded away

i don't want to be some statistic
a pregnant girl
with this 'great' guy
trying sex for the first time
only fifteen
it felt right at the time
she thought they be together forever
istead of just one night

i don't want to be some statistic
some guy on crack
having a party
can't change it now
first pot and alchol
now meth, crack, and cocaine
he's been doing it for so long
no he's gone insane

i don't want to be some statistic
a girl walking in the rain
was taking to the ground
then raped and left in pain
can't tell her parents
her friends won't understand
she doesn't know what to do
to make this nightmare end

i don't want to be some statistic
a kid not in school
dropped out to early
he is a fool
he thought it was boring
thought it was dumb
doesn't have an education
lives like a bum on the street

i don't want to be some statistic
some stereotypical teen
i want to make a difference
go on with my dreams
not going to be knocked up
not going to end up dead
no drugs in my life
going to finish school
because i will use my head

i don't want to be some statistic
to fit in some popular group
society is so high on kids these days
its getting kind of old
we are not all so bad
majority of us are good
when will the world notice us
and give us credit for what we have done?

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Comments (2)

This is very good indeed Katie Huntress, very appealing to both the younger and older generation for all the reasons you state so well in your poem. I am very impressed with your desire to not be one of the statistics! A girl after my own heart. Go for your dreams and all who follow your example. Smiling at you, very pleased to read your work. Tai
Amen, sister! I may sound like a mom, but I wish more teens had your brains and maturity, as well as some belief in themselves. Keep writing and using your head, by all means!