Some Tears Taste Good

Some tears taste
like pure, clear spring water,
despite the salt,
and despite the fact that you know
they’re your fault,

they do not sting
of pinching shame.
You know your wrongs;
you know their names.

They open your heart
to a little pool,
a glassy pond,
and a dropp of you

falls on the water,
your pristine rain,
washes clear the silt
on the surface,
washes clear the prickly pain.

(For a friend in program who reminded me that guilt (RE: realization of and accountability for ones actions) isn't the same as the terribly painful shame.)

by Marc Mannheimer

Comments (2)

awesome awesome write! ! ! njoy'd immensly.....thnx for sharing (10) my friend! ! ! keep em comming! ! Brian~
Wow! where to begin? Evocative, with strong imagery, and so well worded. Flows impeccably well, and the rhymes just fall in so naturally. The message- tho strong- is almost secondary to the masterful penning here. Nice work.