Some Thing In Your Eyes

Tell me you been waiting for me
Some words you said tell me this is true
Inside of me I know your love is so real
My emotions are in tune to your vibes
Tell me how much you love me
Scream out how you need me to want you
In the time we are in our nest of passion
Expressions I praise your ways
Of making me feel so needed by you
How can I go wrong when your love
Is with me all the moments of my desirers
Come let me take you to my wonderland
Where love is the king and queen that rules
There is no sadness in this place of love
Only close embrace and sweet hello
We can hold hand feel peace of love
Every where you see joy of togetherness
Come my lover walk with me
In this land of lover delight
Share a tenderness of my lips to your lips
Something in your eyes tell that
You want to walk with me in the land of love
Come on believe in your dream that can come true
When you take my love to your heart

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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