Sacre Bleu

I asked, 'Yes'?
She cried 'No'!

Then on and on she had to go
like a gun ra-tat-tat-tat
screaming that she is too fat
up and down
she paced a beat
grinding teeth and stamping feet
then she grabbed her coat and hat
and stormed out of the door like that

So much for tea at Sacre Bleu
I just enquired
one lump or two.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (4)

Wonderful problems faced by a growing child and it's equally wonderful presentation.
Some Things Don'T Make Any Sense At All by Judith Viorst.) **If her mom thinks she's all those wonderful things, then shouldn't she suffice as an only child? Why have another.
i need to teach the poem to my son can anyone explain me the poem in detail
i love it! i can imagine a little boy saying this