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Some Things Remain.

We weren't meant to live forever,
we're here today and gone tomorrow;
Father Time has pulled his lever,
enter now, the grief and sorrow.
Life's sweet blossom fades away,
gone too soon with struggling breath;
be thankful for this gifted day,
that does not end with our own death.
Sing a song of praise for living,
celebrate each day of life;
grace the day with much forgiving,
gain the peace that shuts off strife.
What we had is gone forever,
yet a piece of us remains;
for those we love, forget us never,
in the days of gloom and rains.
Memories will last a lifetime,
the good we spread, that will not die;
and too the poetry we rhyme,
will not die with our last sigh.

by dave lessard

Comments (3)

Very nice poem, but how the truth hurts. It's comforting to know our loved ones are at peace, but how we suffer their absence. As long as we live, they will live - in our memories. You expressed this perfectly with your well-chosen words.
This was SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and heart!
Excellent. Rhymes were spot on. Meter perfect. But more than that exponentially, you absolutely nailed the message. We are survived by our deeds and the people whom they affect. Fantastic write. A full 10