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Some Women

Some women they are naive and some women they are shy
And some women they are cunning and some women they are coy
But they are less aggressive than the macho male kind
And compassion in women is never hard to find.

Some women they look beautiful of which they are aware
And they spend big on health products as well as beauty care
And some women their beauty brings them great wealth and fame
So many beautiful women far too many for to name.

Though for recognition in a man's World women must work harder than men
And women always find it harder some respect for to win
In a male dominated society gender inequality
And males mostly responsible for war and want and poverty.

Some women they are sinned against and of their husbands live in fear
And stories of violence against women stories I do not like to hear
For women are less physical than men are as a whole
And nothing is more violent than a man out of control.

Some women may have their faults but would you not agree
That women are the glue that binds all of humanity
And in a World ruled by women we would have less of war and poverty
And women they are marvellous or so 'twould seem to me.

by Francis Duggan

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