Some Write Poems And Think It That Are Exceptionally Talented

Some try to write poems and think it
That they are exceptionally talented,
But to think in such a way
Is a mistake
As poetry is not the property of the poets merely,
Anyone can write who tries his hands at,
Who has not poems in the head and the heart,
Someone uses it and some use it not
The creative faculty,
The tumult and commotion of it,
The fervor taking over
And you feeling impatient for it,
You reading and gathering knowledge,
Trying to improve and improvise upon,
Adding and subtracting,
Going through the classics, old and new,
Marking the trends,
Taking the times and opportunities in your favour.

The streak of genius is in us all,
A few use and highlight them
While a few use and apply it not,
Say you, who has has no genius,
Who is not talented?

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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