(21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Somebody (Song)

Straight streets he walks alone
No direction, displeased some
Within heart a ray of hope
Somebody will come

Innocent he is people said
Empty hearted, sin free
Day will come
Somebody will see

O_ unique he is
Quite cheer and heal
Perhaps soon
Somebody will feel

No friends no company
Stepped down as to stream
About him
Somebody will dream

Rendering and wondering
Over seaside and cove
Firm faith
Somebody will love

Burnt nights, lost dreams
Who snatched his gay?
And sigh and murmured
Somebody will pray

Strange imaginations he pass
Sweet pain unseen lust
Still believe
Somebody will trust

Dizzy days they were
Freshening and fluttering he miss
When gazed setting sun
Somebody bliss

Nothing all his love in vain
With eyes upturn
Sky, moon, stars, learn
Somebody in burn

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Comments (3)

It is a nice poem. Enjoyable.Somebody will greet you.
Great poem of hope that someone will come and fill his empty heart with love. An unwavering faith that there will be someone to trust and give joy to him one day. Beautifully stated that all his love is in vain, as he looks toward the heavens above. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
Beautiful poem about a wondering soul (I think) .