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SW (September 21,1991 / Forestville, CA)


Poem By Samantha White

Someday my love for you will fade,
and I will find someone new.
Someday I will no longer be afraid,
Afraid of forgetting you.
Someday I will smile again,
No longer fake but suddenly real.
Someday my eyes will no longer show pain,
only happiness will I feel.
Someday my darkness will turn to light,
my soul repaired and healed.
Someday everything will finally be all right,
my true destiny will slowly be revealed.
Someday the pain that rips me apart
will be replaced by love making me whole.
Someday I will finally take back my heart,
my heart that once again you stole.
Someday the tragedy reflected in my eyes,
Will be replaced by love, my heart once again will be whole.

By: Samantha White

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